Infill Home Building Since 2008

Over the last decade, Plex Developments Ltd. has become the most reputable Infill home builder in edmonton

Revitalizing The City Of Champions Bringing New Life To Old Neighbourhoods

Infills provide homeowners with stylish affordable homes that are located in mature neighbourhoods. Plex Developments is here to help you learn more about infill construction, buying a property, and selling your home.

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Desirable & Stylish

Plex Developments Ltd. your trusted Edmonton Infill Builders wants you to get lost—in your old neighbourhood. We know that you want to live in the thick of things, and that includes big trees. We know that you want to get to work downtown in ten minutes, and bike there and back every day if you want to. We know you want to own a stylish, custom home, not a condo or a box house in a suburb.

Benefits of Choosing Infill





We're Always Ahead of the Curve.

We saw the need for new houses in historic, established neighbourhoods, so we started building them. Plex Developments was the very first infill company in the city of champions. We only specialize in residential infill housing, and that's all we do. No condos, no subdivisions, just quality homes that fit seamlessly into the unique style and character of the communities they'll be growing up in.

Founded by Real Estate Visionaries Terry & Heidi Paranych

Plex Developments Ltd. was founded by real estate visionary Terry Paranych and his wife Heidi Paranych. Terry has had his finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Canada for more than 25 years as an agent, broker, and developer.

We bring new life to old neighbourhoods with our stylish luxury infill homes, smart-skinny homes, duplexes, fourplexes, garage suites, and investment properties. Just turn the key and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Our experience sets us apart.

When you buy a Plex home, you're not only buying the experience and attention to detail, but you're also buying everything you need at an affordable price. And we mean everything—appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors, landscaping, verandahs, decks, garages, and more! We've thought of everything you need, and then added all the stuff you crave.

We Buy Homes and Lots in Mature Neighborhoods

If you own a lot or home in one of Edmonton's mature neighborhoods and are looking to sell, please contact us.